Challenge the Blitz Twister Cup Finalists

The Blitz Twister Cup is over, but you still have a chance to show your mastery in the upcoming tank tournaments. Assemble your team and get ready for battle: at the end of January, you could fight the best team in your region and get the accurate and fast-firing Chieftain/T95 !

But first you need to win the “Challenge the Stars” qualifying tournament, which will take place on January 18–20. The number of teams that will be able to participate in the tournament varies from 128 to 256 depending on the region. Registration starts on January 14.

Check out the “Challenge the Stars” tournament description in the game for the detailed regulations and schedule for your region.

Rewards per team:

  • 1st–2nd places— 25,560,000 
  • 3rd–4th places— 21,395,000 
  • 5th–8th places— 17,235,000 
  • 9th–16th places— 13,070,000 
  • 17th–32nd places— 10,455,000 
  • 33rd–64th places— 7,840,000 
  • 65th–128th places— 5,225,000 
  • 129th–256th places— 2,615,000 

On January 26 , the winners of the qualifying tournament will be able to test their strength in a friendly match against the best team in their region:

Only 7 regular players from each team are allowed to participate in the match.

Matches will be held in the Best of 7 format (until four victories are scored). Battles will be fought on the Fort Despair, Castilla, Canal, and Faust maps. All participants of the showmatch will receive the formidable VIIIChieftain/T95!


This tank boasts an accurate, fast-firing gun and a solid turret that is great at repelling enemy shells. The high maximum speed and good maneuverability allow this British vehicle to swiftly take up key positions and hide behind cover at the right time, and excellent depression and elevation angles (−10/+20) make it possible to expose only the most protected parts of its armor to the enemy.

If you already have the Chieftain/T95 in your Garage, you’ll get 7,500  instead of this vehicle.

We wish all teams luck. Rewards await the winners. Mobilize!