Blitz Twister Cup Finals

A battle of champions is coming that will determine the best World of Tanks Blitz players in the world! Six candidate teams will meet in Minsk to fight for the Blitz Twister CupPowered by SanDisk and the prize pool of $100,000. Watch this video from last year’s event and rest assured: this time it will be even better!

So, save the date, set up notifications, write it on the back of your hand, and ask someone to remind you:

November 17 is the day to watch the Blitz Twister Cup Finals, win prizes from SanDisk, and open containers with rewards using Championship Coins! 

The stream will start:

  • CIS : November 17 at 16:30 (MSK)
  • Europe : November 17 at 14:30 (CET)
  • North America : November 17 at 5:30 (PT), 8:30 (ET).
  • Asia : November 17 at 21:30 (UTC +8).

SanDisk Prize Draw

Join the stream of the final and take part in the contest for the best live stream chat comment. The winners will be awarded commemorative prizes from SanDisk—an exclusive partner of the Blitz Twister Cup! SanDisk produces flash memory products that instantly record and safely store your data. Trust SanDisk with the files on your phone, camera, computer, and even in your backup system!

More details on the contest conditions and prizes will be provided by the live stream hosts. Watch and listen carefully!

Containers with rewards in exchange for Championship Coins!

Earn 20 Championship Coins for every minute you watch the Blitz Twister Cup live stream on the official website:

CIS     Europe     North America     Asia

From November 17, 0:00 (UTC) to November 19, 0:00 (UTC), the Blitz Twister Cup container with random rewards will be available on the game website for 1,200 Championship Coins : 

Blitz Twister Cup Container

  • VIDicker Max
  • 25–200
  •  5–20 Rare Сooldown boosters
  •  3–20 Rare boosters
  •  5–15 parts of the certificate for 9 hours of Premium Account

To get Championship Coins for watching the stream, you need to: 

  • Open the Tournaments section on the website of your region.
  • Log in to your profile using your account credentials. Link your World of Tanks Blitz account to your account, if you haven’t done so yet. Get more details.
  • Select the required tournament and tap it to go to the tournament page.
  • Launch the Blitz Twister Cup Offline Finals live stream.
  • If you close the live stream tab or make it inactive, the Coin awarding timer will be reset.

Championship Coins will be added to your account sometime after the live stream has finished. 

Candidates and the prize pool

The Blitz Twister Cup prize pool is $100,000. We have distributed it so that no team will leave the tournament empty-handed, as each of them has already fought dozens of battles for the right to participate in the Offline Finals! 

  • 1st place : $50,000 per team.
  • 2nd place : $20,000 per team.
  • 3rd and 4th places (second place in the group): $10,000 per team.
  • 5th and 6th places (third place in the group): $5,000 per team.

Six teams will fight for the Cup and prize pool, one from each of the five regions and one with the Wild Card ticket:

  • CIS : Ace Ventura [-V-]
  • Europe : Radioactive [RA1D]
  • North America : PRAMO [PRAMO]
  • Asia : Ultimate FEAST [FEAST]
  • China : TEAM Wombats [-WoT-]
  • Wild Card : C4 [C4] 


  • Composition of the teams and vehicle tier: 7 players on Tier X vehicles.
  • Group Stage: matches are held according to the Round Robin system until two victories are scored. The team with the most points in the group gets through to the Finals. If an equal number of points are scored, an additional match may be scheduled. In controversial situations, the teams’ other achievements may be taken into account, at the judges’ discretion.
  • Finals: matches are played under the Single Elimination system until four victories are scored.

Exclusive partner

For over 28 years, SanDisk has stayed at the forefront of innovations in data storage technology, creating revolutionary devices.

Partners of the Blitz Twister Cup

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