AMX 30 B: Fight Like a Pro!

The Collector AMX 30 B is prepared for the battlefield, g-g-growling in anticipation of adrenaline-filled skirmishes with the enemy. Just one order from you and this tank will tear up random battles, ripping all that stand in its way into small pieces. Climb in and command this beast to release the rage of the AMX 30 B on your enemies*!

*Caution: You may feel sorry for the enemy!

Available until April 19:

Each container includes a random reward from the list: 

  • XAMX 30 B with a Garage slot. ATTENTION: the tank drop chance is 2.5%.
  • Up to
     30 Epic boosters + up to
     3 certificates for
    28,000each + up to
     30 parts of a certificate for 24 hours of Premium Account.
  • Up to
     40 Rare boosters + up to
     3 certificates for
    2,300each + up to
     70 parts of a certificate for 9 hours of Premium Account.
  • Up to
     30 Common boosters + up to
     25 certificates for
    200each + up to
     30 parts of a certificate for 9 hour of Premium Account.

How is the AMX 30 B as a tank?

Without being modest: great! From the first seconds of combat, the AMX 30 B impresses with its mobility, excellent gun depression and a pretty decent weapon. Look at its stats and see for yourself:

The closest competitor of the AMX 30 B is the researchable Leopard 1. If you know what the German “cat” is capable of, then you can easily imagine the potential of its French counterpart. Both tanks are lacking in armor, but they can move fast, deal a good amount of damage and skillfully use features of combat locations. If the AMX 30 B falls into the hands of a knowledgeable commander, the enemy team will have a tough time!

AMX 30 B flutters like a 35-ton butterfly

According to the speed and dynamic characteristics of the AMX 30 B, it will be clipping at the heels of the Leopard 1. Without equipment, the French tank accelerates to 30 km/h in just 3 seconds, and within 10 can hit speeds above 60 km/h.

The tank easily climbs steep slopes and can quickly occupy key positions: a classic ride up the mountain on Mines takes you about 15-20 seconds (even without the Engine Power Boost!).

The AMX 30 B stands out thanks to its excellent maneuverability. You will enjoy the precision and responsiveness of its control. On the AMX 30 B, you’ll easily take sharp turns and be able to dodge shells. Catching this tank on the fly and taking an accurate shot is a serious test for the enemy.

AMX 30 B stings like a huge bee

The dealer of the painful and devastating stings is a quick-firing 105-mm gun. With it, you will make plenty of holes in the sides and the rear of enemy targets. Even penetrating the frontal armor of various foes is quite feasible. If you find yourself taking on a shy enemy, fenced off from the outside world with especially thick armor, you’ll need a HEAT shell, which boasts 295-mm armor penetration.

But it makes little sense for the agile AMX 30 B to trade damage in face-to-face duels, as it quickly can drive to the enemy’s flank or rear. When you see an opponent’s softest spots in the crosshairs, you’re using the gun of your AMX 30 B to 100% of its potential. The potential DPM (without equipment and Premium ammo) scores over 2600 points, making even the most “thicc” of foes melt under your fire quickly!

The accuracy and stability of the French’s gun lags behind the excellent one on the Leopard 1, but the difference is minimal. Using equipment, you can improve these characteristics and you will end up on par with the German sniper.

What about protection?

Generally, with great speed comes not-so great armor. The rule remains true for the AMX 30 B: the hull can be pierced easily by any opponent. A lot of damage can also be caused by HE rounds, so remember:

The AMX 30 B’s armor is its speed!

A stationary AMX 30 B is the best gift your opponents could want. You will save a lot of HP if you move and change positions frequently. Sharp turns, unexpected directions of attack, flanking or going around the rear—the AMX 30 B’s mobility offers something that thick armor could never give.

Unlike the Leopard 1, the French tank has a pretty strong turret. A large gun mask can block shots even from the most powerful tank destroyers, while the rest of the tower can often ricochet shells. There is a weak point however: the large and poorly protected commander hatch. In order not to take damage in a positional firefight, it’s better to move and make it difficult for the enemy to focus fire on it.

Taking the AMX 30 B for a spin, you can use the strongest armor in the game (and no, it’s not attached to any vehicle from Tier I to Tier X). Use the terrain to your advantage; whether it’s sand, earth, rocks or asphalt. You have the ability to do this thanks to your solid turret, the ability to quickly climb steep slopes, and even a gun with 10 degrees of depression. Take up a favorable position and torment the enemy under the cover of map’s natural features.


The AMX 30 B will remind you of battle scenes from action movies: dashing chases, intense firefights, sniper shots, maneuverable skirmishes on the verge of madness and deserved victories. Take the reins and tear up the battlefield like a pro!